About Us

We are a Kenyan aerospace research and development company that is pioneering satellite engineering in response to unique problems that plague Kenya and the rest of the developing world.

We aim to be your go-to-partner for affordable yet innovative and reliable space missions


Rose Wanjiku

Team Lead & Thermal Control Subsystem Lead

Aloyce Were

Structures and Mechanisms Subsystem Lead

Jackson Koll

Electrical Power Subsystem Lead

Pattern Odhiambo

Communication Subystem Lead

Isaac Malin

Onboard Computer Subsystem Lead

Hope Deche

Ground Application Lead

Evans Yomu

Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem Lead

Alvyne Mwaniki

Embedded Firmware Engineer

Maureen Wanjiru

Structures and Mechanisms Engineer

Emmanuel Mwanik

Embedded Hardware Engineer

Maureen Amoit

Business Administrator